Thursday, December 15, 2011

u shoud know !!!

assalamualaikum . .

arghhhh, i feel so tired today. i wonder what make me feel like this. ermmmm. attend classes which just require me to sit in front of my lappy ( my abg belonging kay ) and wrote 2 essays and then . . go to bed around 3pm untill 6pm. warghhhh. no wonder la kan. hahahah. so so tired =.='

the truth is, im waiting for someone. it just a friend from my secondary school. fyi, i am one of the "stalker tegar s" heheh :3 i stalk on one of my friends wall and i see that he ( i HIGHLIGHT he) is going to pay a visit at my place, cfs iium. i may say that i really want to meet him ( i HIGHLIGHT AGAIN him). but after a few second and minute pass by i just feel hopeless and daaaaaa~ who want to see him ( i HIGHLIGHT FOR THE THIRD TIME him). sob sob :'(  it is okey if he ( HIGHLIGHT ) don't want to see me. it just that i miss all the hardship we have together back then. hmmmmmmmm

and just so you know fella, i don't fall in stupid lovey dovey puppy love with this nameless guy ( i HIGHLIGHT FOR THE LAST TIME guy ). i just want him to be my friend as we use to be back then!!!! hmmmmmm. and those thunder and light really remind me of u. please. don't change. :'((

p/s : i really don't hope this thing happen to u. :'(

(^~^) badakbijaks

adios amigos bace cotcet cotcet aku :P dunt forget utk menjadi kipas susah mati aku pulak ek :)

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bahiyah ibrahim said...

chill k izni . :)
anyway , comel kucing tu , mcm aku , cume kucing tu takde pimples je :pp

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