Monday, November 21, 2011

vice verse punye feeling meeling :):

assalamualaikum :D


semalam. is the best night ever la kan. no doubt la. thanz heeeeeeeeeee

<------------you might look like =.='

but, undoubtedly, u make me look like ---------------->


to my dearest mearest person that i call as "akak"
this entry is certainly tok kau la kan.
im sorry cause i never been there by ur side. 
but it jus seems different now.
mungkin sbb sumtimes aku rase better sumting tu not be speak-en out loud kan.
aku care pasal kau. for sure la kan. cume . . . 
mcm aku ckp. kengkdg better xyah ckp.
okeyyy. now aku dah mcm tangled tale dah,

ni lagu adm sandler. i wanna grow old with u <33

I wanna make you smile 
Whenever you're sad 
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad 
All i wanna do, is grow old with you 
[ Lyrics from: ]
I'll get you medicine when your tummy aches 
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks 
So, it could be so nice growing old with you,.... 

I'll miss you 
Kiss you 
Give you my coat when you are cold 
Need you 
Feed you 
Even let you hold the remote control. 

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink 
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink 
Oh I could be the "ADEK" that grows old with you 
I wanna grow old with you.

*ps: u know rite :)

(^~^) badakbijaks

adios amigos bace cotcet cotcet aku :P dunt forget utk menjadi kipas susah mati aku pulak ek :)



adek yg caring...ko tu ego sgt..sian akk kau..

badak said...

aku pulak yg kene :"( ahahahaha

lula said...
-aku rase aku NAK ko bace balik..hahah..sah tyme aku jawab soalan ko nie aku ngh weng2..haha

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